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CodeRED Weather Warning

codered logoThe City of Union provides a telephone based warning system for severe weather to Union residents. CodeRED Weather Warning will alert Union residents, who have signed up for this free service, within seconds of any National Weather Service warning for tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings. Due to the fact that the system is fully automated (based on information received from the weather service via satellite) residents will receive a recorded message alerting them prior to weather radio activation, sirens and media announcements in most situations (calls begin 5 seconds after the warning is issued). The City of Union is offering this service to its residents at no charge.

What CodeRED Weather Warning does:

CodeRED Weather Warning is a severe weather early warning service that will call your telephone and deliver a prerecorded alert message within seconds after a warning is issued by the National Weather Service for your area.

How CodeRED Weather Warning works:

CodeRED Weather Warning utilizes state of the art satellite equipment to capture severe weather warnings within seconds after they are issued by local National Weather Service (NWS) Meteorologists. CodeRED Weather Warning computers instantly interpret each bulletin to determine the severity of the warning* and the exact area(s) affected. If the NWS bulletin has identified a severe storm* the CodeRED Weather Warning system creates a calling database of all CodeRED Weather Warning subscribers in the potential path of the storm. This calling database is submitted (within seconds) to the massive CodeRED automated calling system.

CodeRED utilizes a massive network of computerized dialers connected to thousands of telephone lines. CodeRED Weather Warning is capable of delivering over One Million weather warning calls per day! The dialing speed of CodeRED Weather Warning makes it possible to call our subscribers within seconds after a warning is issued for their area. CodeRED Weather Warnings are delivered so quickly they often arrive before any other warnings are made public… usually before weather radio broadcasts!

*Severe warnings acted on by CodeRED Weather Warning include tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warnings.

To sign up, please visit the CodeRed data collection site (Union residents only).

For more information, please contact us via email or phone 636-583-3600.