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Comprehensive Plan

We are in the process of  updating our Comprehensive Plan for 2021.  We need your input.  If you are interested in participating in future focus groups or completing surveys, please subscribe to our email list. 

City of Union, Missouri
Comprehensive Plan

Adopted April 25, 2011


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City of Union 2020 Comprehensive Plan Overview

To formulate a plan that accurately reflects the needs of the community, a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee was formed.  The Steering Committee consists of the members of the City of Union’s Planning & Zoning Commission.  The resulting comprehensive plan will include chapters summarizing the City’s Existing Conditions, Critical Issues, Goals and Objectives, Future Land Use Elements, Transportation Plan, Planning Districts Program and an Implementation Program.  The following is a brief summary of the key comprehensive plan components:

The Existing Conditionssection includes an executive summary of the comprehensive planning process and resulting plan and a demographic analysis of Union’s socio-economic conditions and description of existing zoning and land uses.  

The Critical Issues report is a summary of the most important concerns the community faces.  Feedback from the Town Planning Meetings and stakeholder interviews will provide the basis for the development of the critical issues contained in this section.  The goals and objectives developed for the Comprehensive Plan will directly respond to the citizen-driven critical issues facing the City of Union.

The Goals and Objectives of the community provide the framework for the Comprehensive Plan.  This section will include policy statements and development recommendations that emerge during the Town Planning Meetings, interviews with city officials, and general research for the plan.  The development and growth decisions a city makes should reflect the community’s values and sense of what constitutes a reasonable quality of life.  To help guide these decisions, the Comprehensive Plan provides a host of goals and objectives that reflect the citizen-driven values reflective of those held by the residents and business owners of Union.

The Community Facilities & Services Section will provide a baseline report on the existing services available to residents of Union, the condition of these services, recommendations for improving these services and implementation strategies to provide services to the proposed growth areas. 

The Future Land Use & Transportation Section will review current land use and existing transportation conditions and provide recommendations for future growth, transportation improvements and open space preservation.  The Future Land Use & Transportation Plan will illustrate the recommended locations for future land use, including residential, commercial, industrial, recreation and the preservation of open space.  The plan will also analyze the flow of traffic through the community.  A Future Land Use & Transportation Improvement Map will be included in this section.  The Future Land Use & Transportation Plan will be accompanied by a future land use matrix that provides a description for each future land use category and recommendations for implementation.  Prior to approving future development, the City must review each development for compliance with the conditions, policies and standards applicable to the future land use category in which the proposed development is located.  The intent of the Future Land Use & Transportation Plan and Map is to provide the focus and direction needed to make future land use and zoning decisions.  The Future Land Use Map does not replace the zoning map; rather it provides the information needed to help implement the preferred future land use and development conditions.   

Finally, the Implementation Program presents specific actions that can be taken to enforce the Plan Elements and incrementally achieve the goals and objectives of the community.  This section also advises the City how to make changes to the plan and identifies the steps necessary to amend the Comprehensive Plan.