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Municipal Court


The City of Union Municipal Division
of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court
in Franklin County, Missouri

Municipal Court Operating Order #3 - Effective August 28, 2015

The purpose of these general orders is to reaffirm the Court's commitment to adhering to all statutory provisions, including Senate Bill 5 (effective August 28, 2015) and the mandates of the United States and Missouri constitutions.  The Court shall provide open access to all with clearly defined procedures designed to afford defendants, the City, County, witnesses with the transparency, equal treatment and protections mandated by laws.  The General Order includes procedures for (A) Open Access, (B) Fax and Electronic Memoranda, (C) Opening of Court Doors, (D) Access to Court Files, (E) Rights in Court and (F) Official Notices.

To read the complete general order, please click the following link:
Municipal Court Operating Order #3

A. David Arand, Municipal Court Judge
Elona Hoerr, Court Administrator

Address:  10 East Locust Street
(City Hall)

Phone:  636-583-8436
8:00am - 4:30pm 
Monday through Friday

Fax:  636-744-8038

Payment Options: Online payments now accepted.

Access information about pending cases, outstanding warrants and scheduled municipal division dockets at www.courts.mo.gov/casenet

Attorneys: Union Municipal Court is accessible via "Law Source Live".  Register your firm and enter your appearance and request a recommendation in minutes. Go to:  www.lawsourcelive.com 

Night Court Dates 
Thursdays @ 6:30pm 
Trials @ 6:00pm

Face masks that cover the nose and mouth are recommended.  

November 4, 2021
November 18, 2021

1st Return/Plea - 6:30
Trials-6:00, Attorneys/Pay-6:30
December 2, 2021
December 16, 2021

1st Return/Plea - 6:30
Trials-6:00, Attorneys/Pay-6:30