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Trash Hauling & Recycling.


Resident Guide to Solid Waste Collection Services 

Yard Waste Pickup Schedule


Please have all items at curbside by 6:00 a.m.   Please place carts at the curb, with 3 to 4 feet spacing between them. 

The rate for trash/recycling/yardwaste pickup is $16.73 per month.  The rate for senior citizens is $15.61 per month.  Senior Citizens must apply for the discount rate at City Hall.

It is the policy of the City of Union that all City residents are required to use the City's trash service.  Currently trash services are provided by:

Waste Connections

All scheduled collections following an observed holiday will roll one day. For Example, when the holiday falls on a Monday the schedule will be as follows:

Monday service…….rolls to Tuesday
Tuesday service….rolls to Wednesday
Thursday service……rolls to Friday
Friday service…..…rolls to Saturday

Holidays which fall during the week will only affect collections after the holiday. 

All pickups prior to the holiday will remain on the regular schedule. For example, when the holiday falls on a Thursday:

Monday service………...No change
Tuesday service…………No change
Thursday service…….rolls to Friday
Friday service……...rolls to Saturday

Holiday Schedule:  

Waste Connections will observe the following six national holidays: 
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Inclement Weather/ Acts of God: Service may be TEMPORARILY suspended and/or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. For example, in severe winter weather our trucks may not be able to operate safely until streets have been cleared.


Regular trash & Recyclables will be collected on the following days:
Ward 1….…...…Mondays
Ward 2……..….Tuesdays
Ward 3……..….Thursdays
Ward 4 Le Cheteau, Halligan Estates, and Highway 47 South neighborhoods….…..….…Thursdays
Ward 4 All Others.................Fridays

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No yard waste may be placed in with the regular trash.  

Paint and chemical containers must be emptied and dried.  The haulers will not collect chemicals.  Used motor oil may be recycled through some of the local service stations.

Tires and Batteries are also banned from landfill disposal and are typically recycled by automotive service centers.

Sharps include hypodermic needles, blood testing lancets and other medically necessary sharp objects. Sharps may be disposed of with your household trash as long as they are sealed with duct or masking tape in protective containers such as coffee cans or detergent bottles. Please do not hide these items in your trash as they can pose a serious hazard to your refuse collector.


No motor oil, insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers.  Plastic bags should be returned to grocery or department store.  No plastic film, plastic sheets, tarps or wrap. No expanded foam or clear polystyrene.

PAPER:  Newspapers – including inserts,(remove plastic sleeve); cardboard (no waxed); brown paper bags; magazines; catalogs; telephone books; computer, notebook & gift wrap paper; cereal, cake, food, soda & beer boxes; junk mail; paper back books. NO METAL CLIPS, SPIRALS, BINDERS, PLASTIC CARDS, STICK-ON LABELS, UNUSED STAMPS, HARDCOVER BOOKS.

METALS:  Aluminum cans, trays, foil, steel cans & tins. Cleaned, remove label and crushed.

PLASTIC:  Plastics have an identifying code on the bottom of each container. Listed are examples that are in that category. Many other products containers can be recycled by utilizing the plastic identifying code.

#1 PET soda, water, flavored beverages
#2 HDPE milk, juice, detergent, fabric softener
#3 PVC health & beauty products, household cleaners
#4 LDPE margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, 6/12 pack rings
#5 PP yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup & ketchup bottles
#7 other plastic resin narrow neck containers
Plastic buckets such as kitty litter-5 gallon maximum.

GLASS:  Green, clear and brown glass jars & bottles. Please rinse and dispose of lids. No window glass or dinnerware.

yardwasteYARD WASTE

Jan, Feb, & March: 2nd Wed.
April, May, June,Oct & Nov: 1st , 2nd, 3rd , 4th Wed., 4th pick-up in May moves to Thursday.
July, Aug, Sept: 2nd & 4th Wed., 1st pick-up in Sept moves to Thursday.
December: 2nd & 4th Wed.
Place yard waste at the curb by 6:00 a.m.

  • Yard waste includes Christmas trees, grass clippings, leaves, tree branches up to six inches (6”) in diameter, and other similar vegetative wastes associated with yard and garden care and maintenance. 
  • Service is limited to three (3) cans/bags and two (2) bundles per collection*  Put yard waste in unlined 30-gallon trashcans or biodegradable brown paper bags only. Yard Waste placed in plastic bags cannot be collected.
  • No bag or container is to exceed fifty (50) pounds. Tree limbs are to be bundled with TWINE (NO WIRE) in bundles no larger than four feet (4’) long by two feet (2’) in circumference.  
  • If you are placing the yard waste in an unlined trashcan, please tag it with the ‘YARD WASTE ONLY’ labels, which are available at City Hall.  
  • Yard waste mixed with trash CANNOT be collected.  Decorative and ceremonial items such as casket sprays, jack-o-lanterns and corn stalks are NOT considered yard waste by the State of Missouri.

  • Bulky items must be placed at curb by 6:00 a.m. on the last regular trash pickup of the month. 

  • Bulky trash includes items such as household furniture, mattresses and other items too large to fit in trashcans and bags.

  • Bulky trash items are to be of a size & weight that two people can handle and no larger than six feet (6') long.

  • Smaller bulky trash items should be contained in a box or other such container.  There is a limit of two (2) items per collection.

  • Bulky trash specifically EXCLUDES major appliances, automobile parts, tires, batteries and contractor generated debris.

  • Major appliances include items such as clothes washers and dryers, ranges, stoves, ovens, air conditioners, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and household trash compactors. These items are banned from landfill disposals and require special collection at an additional charge. The cost is $20 per item with a limit of two (2) per collection. Refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers must also show certification that all CFC’s have been removed. Call the trash company at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance to obtain tag and schedule pickup. 

If you have any problems with your service, call

Waste Connections