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Farmers Market Vendor Registration


Buying local means buying fresh. 
 Support your neighbors by visiting the City of Union Farmers' Market.



    1. Vendors are responsible for offering fresh, high quality, fairly priced products.  Each vendor may set prices in consideration of customer satisfaction and fairness to other sellers.  Products should be displayed in an attractive manner.
    2. Vendors can sell only produce they have grown on their land or on land rented by them.
    3. Crafters may sell only items they have handcrafted.
    4. Value Added Agricultural Products include raw agricultural products grown by the seller that have been processed or any whose sale a government agency regulates.  Examples are jellies, jams, oils, vinegars, and soaps.  The members must make all value added products predominately of material grown or gathered by them.
    5. Live animals, poultry or eggs are not allowed for sale. 
    6. Processed products must be individually wrapped, and labeled prior to being brought to the Market and must meet Missouri Department of Agriculture and Franklin County health standards.
    7. No large pan and/or tray items may be brought to the Market and then cut and wrapped.  All products must be cut, wrapped, and labeled prior to coming to the Market.
    8. All processed products must be individually labeled with the ingredients of that particular product and the date it was made. 
  1. Vendor Responsibilities: 
    1. Vendor is required to register with the City of Union Community Development Department.  Print a registration form or register online.
    2. A permit will be issued to registered vendors and must be displayed where it is visible.
    3. Vendor must supply a table and/or display rack for displaying produce/crafts.
    4. Vendors are responsible for cleaning all trash and waste within and around their allotted space.   
  2. Other Matters: 
    1. Vendors must be a resident of Franklin County. 
    2. The City of Union has waived vendor’s licenses for permit holders. 
    3. Anyone not complying with these guidelines will be given a warning by the City of Union Representative / Union City Police the first time; permit will be revoked for a second infraction. 
    4. Reselling products not grown on your farm or handcrafted by you is automatic expulsion.  There will be no returning to the Market in future years.
    5. Spaces available on a first come, first served basis. 
    6. All vendors are encouraged to have tents; no larger than 12x12 to display their products. 
    7. Registered vendors may rent a tent from the City of Union.  Vendors must pay a security deposit of $100 which may be refunded upon return of the tent deemed in good condition by the City of Union.  All tents are property of City of Union and must be returned by November 15th of each year or the vendor will forfeit the security deposit.