A Great Place For U
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City residents who receive a water bill will be finding the current issue of Talk of the Town in the mailboxes.  For those who missed it, you can download the digital version here

Inside this issue: 

  • Letter from the Mayor
  • Calendar of Events
  • It's Time to be Counted - 2020 Census
  • A New Look - Utility Billing changes
  • Prop U Explained - Proposition U will be on the April 7th ballot.  Prop U would approve a "use tax" on the purchae of goods from out-of-state vendors.
  • Police Officer of the Year Awarded to Officer Amanda Carroll
  • Yardwaste Pickup Schedule
  • Bulky Item Pickups
  • It's a Toilet, Not a Trash Can - A list of items to NOT FLUSH down the toilet, avoid potential sewer problems